Ronit Mirsky

Visual Communication

Prussian Blue #1 (from the Prussian Blue series)

Concrete and oil on wood

120 x 60 cm

I look for the relationship between history, memory and material. Society has always attempted to find a way of making memory tangible. Using default memory materials as concrete and metal plaques, I question whether a memory can be represented in a tangible way. What are memories I research the connection between the spoken word and materiality in terms of personal and collective memory. My experiments focus on a process, rather than look for final solutions, as memory is an ongoing process in itself.

My practice integrates theoretical and practical research, making new interpretations and connections, in search for new meanings and possibilities.

+44 (0)7403 356 135





BDes, Visual Communication, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel, 2007


Fail Better, Royal College of Art, 2011; Panic!, Royal College of Art, 2011; Fragments of Life, The Artists' House, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2010; Working Title, Castiel Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2009