Deshna Mehta

Visual Communication

Live performance, ink on paper

Spontaneity is associated with an unconscious or a subconscious state. The consciousness of the unconscious is an imperative for being a witness to the act of spontaneity. The awareness of being spontaneous takes away the spontaneity from the spontaneous act.Observation ceases in the unconscious state affirming the death of the observer. Without an observer, there is no observation. Is it that the observation creates the observer or does the observation emanate from the observer?

The nuances of these complexities surface in my (conscious) practice seeking for an answer. This pursuit led to the exploration of quantum physics and eastern mysticism expressed metaphorically through an active performance and passive left-behind traces, suggesting the existence of alternate realities.

‘...what quantum mechanics says is that nothing is real and that we cannot say anything about what things are doing when we are not looking at them. Nothing is real unless it is observed... and we have to accept that the very act of observing a thing changed it.’
– John Gribbon

‘Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.’
– Lao Tzu

A part of the team that organised, curated and designed Red Tape 2012.

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MA, Graphic Design, London College of Communication, 2009; BFA, Applied Art, Sir J J Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai, India, 2008


Graphic designer, Omniscient Communications, Mumbai, India, 2010 to present; Graphic designer, History of Design catalogue, Royal College of Art, 2012; Graphic designer, Seismic Shifts, Architecture Annual 2011, Royal College of Art, 2011; Internship, JWT, Mumbai, India, 2008


Work-in-progress Show, Royal College of Art, 2012; The Garden, Royal College of Art and 12 Star Gallery, London, 2011 & 2012; Frames of Reference, Her House Gallery and Royal College of Art, London, 2011; 125 Show, London College of Communication, 2009


Distinction, MA dissertation, MA in Visual Communication, Royal College of Art, 2012; Winner, Typography, The Flagship Advertising Award for Great Idea and Design Sensibility at the Annual Exhibition, Sir J J Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai, India, 2008; Winner, Typography, Leo Burnett Award for Excellence in Execution at the Annual Exhibition, Sir J J Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai, India, 2008