Lino Vital Garcia-Verdugo

Vehicle Design

car Embodiment


10 x 74 cm

In my PhD research, I propose a new electric vehicle typology, the 'μcar'.

'mju:ka:(r), as a solution for the problems linked to car use in our cities (pollution, safety, traffic congestion).

The minimal architecture of the μcar maximises the feasibility of existing electric powertrain technologies, while covering the requirements of typical journeys within the city. It also fits current type-approval legislation (L6e and L7e).

In terms of design, the μcar typology introduces a new design strategy that uses technical minimalism as a resource to reinforce urban performance and user acceptance. This design strategy combines a system-level approach with product semantics to integrate design and engineering from the conceptual development stage. The flexibility of the design also fosters the integration of future technologies such as driverless control and augmented reality.

The result is a new family of vehicles that redefines urban mobility, introducing a qualitative improvement in terms of efficiency and a unique design language.





MSc, Motorsport Engineering, Oxford Brookes University, 2008; MEng, Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, ICAI, Madrid, 2006


Project Engineer, Semi, SA, Madrid, 2006-7


RIBA Pylon Design Competition, V&A Museum, London, 2011; EVER Conference (Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energies), Grimaldi Forum, Monaco, 2011; Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Competition, Casa de América, Madrid, 2007


Scholarship, Ferando Alonso - Cajastur (Motorsport), 2007; Scholarship, Fundacion Iberdrola (Electric Vehicle Research), 2010-2012