Jan Rosenthal

Vehicle Design

Lexus LF-Zero


We live in an era of ecological re-thinking and behaviour is changing. When consumers know how products are made, they increasingly opt for the more sustainably produced, willing to pay higher prices for a clear conscience.

There is an opportunity to create greater eco-awareness through truly sustainable, tangible and relatable materials that tell the consumer how and from what it was made and where it comes from.

Taking the cradle to cradle idea as a model, my concept abandons non-separable materials, using wood and aluminium, which are representative of both technosphere recycling and biosphere decomposition.

'Lexus LF-Zero' has been developed in a zero-sketch design process, entirely made from single rectangular aluminium and wood sheets. It is a completely waste-free sculpture.

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Supported by: Toyota



Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Industrial Design, University of Applied Sciences, Graz, Austria, 2009


Trainee, Toyota Europe Design Development, Nice, France, 2011; Designer, ZweiDrei Medienarchitektur, Berlin, Germany, 2010; Trainee, Design Office NENDO, Tokyo, Japan, 2006–7


Winner, Rolls-Royce sponsored project competition, 2012; Finalist, Ferrari World Design Contest, 2011