Haitao Qi

Vehicle Design


Photoshop, CAD model and rapid prototype

37 x 21 cm

What is design Since I chose this career, I keep asking myself this question. During my studies at the RCA, Ive realised that it really matters to put your design into a proper environment, which is the exact definition of who is this design for, where is this design used and how to think it through properly as a practical system.

As latecomers to the city, cars have changed human life in many aspects. When it comes to future vehicle design, it is important to make the car less aggressive to the city as well as human life.

This project aims to design a clever time strategy of a trip by applying a more appealing in-city carpooling system and a more efficient method of in-car activities to the interior design. The rapid growing number of cars makes modern traffic conditions much worse for its waste of time and space. I believe I can make driving on the road less painful by introducing a low-opportunity-cost lifestyle where a car acts no longer as a cage stuck on the road, but a customised space where you can spend your waiting time more wisely.

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BEng, Automotive Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 2010


Designer, GM PATAC, Shanghai, 2011-7


Third prize winner, Design, Ferrari World Design Contest 2011, 2011; Team winner, Design, Ford 'Younger-Buyer' Project, 2011