Ruth Holt



Woven silk

I am stirred and inspired by the memories, myths and narratives that go to make up our personal and cultural identities, and by the power of memory to define our lives. Always personal, many memories are nuanced, uncertain, barely recalled and formless, sometimes little more than a fleeting emotion or mood evoked by objects, sound or atmosphere.

I design woven textiles. Centred on personal and historic memories, my work seeks to use handle and texture, colour and elisions of colour, to both reflect and evoke differing nuances and moods of memory. Most of my woven work uses silk and wool yarns for their handling properties and variety of weights, and for their dyeing potential. I seek to explore the use of different weave structures and their interactions with colour. Tie-dyeing techniques are seen often in traditional weaving, and I am excited by their potential to produce effects that are both historic and contemporary, and that fit within the concept of my work.

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Specialism: Woven Textiles



BA (Hons), Textile Design, University of the Arts, 2010; PhD, Paediatric Dentristry, University of London, 1979; MSc, Paediatric Dentristry, University of London, 1975; BChD (Hons), University of Leeds, 1971


Senior lecturer, University College London, London, 1979–2001; Editor-in-chief, International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry, 1996–2005


Degree show, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, University of the Arts, London, 2010


Third prize, Marmite Project, 2011; Second prize, Daks Jubilee Check Project, 2011; Second prize, John Norris Wood Natural Forms Drawing Prize, 2011