Seung Rhee

Innovation Design Engineering

Hydro Bricks

‘Hydro Bricks’ are deployable, modular structures, able to transform without energy input or labour. These temporary structures morph into a compact and stable predetermined form, when they come in contact with water.

These deployable structures are used in response to emergency situations where there is a need to create temporary, enclosed or protected areas, specifically in zones where there is a threat of rising levels of water.

Typically at-risk locations are difficult to access, and there is a lack of labour in emergency situations. Sandbags and existing deployable structures currently used are heavy and difficult to assemble rapidly, resulting in added costs and complicated deployment protocols.

‘Hydro Bricks’ are lightweight, easy to transport and to assemble on site. This innovative solution inflates in size when it comes in contact with water, creating a secure structural barrier. These inflatable structures are a low-cost, effective alternative to existing deployable structures.

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