Gaurav Raut

Innovation Design Engineering

Cook Ease

The food we eat is changing radically. As more and more processed 111 food appears on our supermarket shelves, we are forced to make unhealthy choices for the sake of convenience. Food today has become a mass-produced consumer commodity and goes through the same process of design and development as new industrial products. In fact, the current pace of food change is so rapid that the question has become: how far will technology alter the face of food production before other forces that mould our culture reign it in?

The ‘Cook Ease’ system is a solution for our growing desires for healthy, convenient food. The ‘Cook Ease’ steamer is an intelligent and sophisticated steamer – rather than just measuring the time required to cook meals the conventional way, ‘Cook Ease’ uses sensors to calculate the precise amount of steam and time required to cook a combination of ingredients in order to preserve their nutritional value. ‘Cook Ease’ prepares proper nutritional meals, every single time.

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MA, Industrial Design, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India, 2007


Senior designer, Elephant Strategy + Design, Pune, India, 2009–10; Senior designer and strategist, Onio Design Pvt Ltd, Pune-Mumbai, India, 2008–9; Design associate, Industrial Design Centre, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India, 2007–8; Industrial design trainee, Foley Design Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, India, 2006


Work-in-progress show, Royal College of Art, 2012; Go Global, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India, 2011; Eco Build, ExCel London, 2010


International Student Scholarship, Royal College of Art, 2011; Winner, Furniture Design, Greenworks Design Competition, 2010