Chris Pinches

Innovation Design Engineering


'10/10ths' is a strategic design approach that is inspired by high performance industries such as world level sports and defence. These industries are able to achieve game-changing breakthroughs by pushing the envelope in terms of design, engineering and technology, by utilising large amounts of investment.

Pushing limits in this way brings advances in materials, product configurations and production methods to the masses, enriching the design field as a whole.

Products in these typologies demand 'ten tenths' they break down an object into its bare components and analyse each one individually, optimising each in turn. Upon combining these performance elements a new disruptive product is created.

'10/10ths' adopts this fractal design approach and applies it as an innovation technique into alternative, mainstream product contexts and aims to help designers to continually revolutionise product typologies, exemplified in this case with luggage.

This inspiration of a fractal design approach has been used to create a range of tools and exercises that can inspire other designers.

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BA Hons, Transportation Design, Northumbria University, 2009


Junior designer, Nissan Design Europe, London, 2011; Design engineer, Aeon Sports Cars, Kent, 2008; Industrial design engineer, Alanco Agricultural, Kent, 2008


New Designers, Business Design Centre, Islington, London, 2009; Reveal, Northumbria University Design School, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 2009


James Dyson Foundation Second-year Student Bursary, 2012