Anne Sofie Lefevre

Innovation Design Engineering

Nine million pigs are being slaughtered in the UK every year and about 95% are reared in intensive indoor systems. This leads to many negative consequences for the wellbeing of pigs, which are among the most intelligent animals on earth.

The ‘EnrichmentFeed’ (EF)® family, consisting of EF Feed, an EF Monitor and an EF device, focuses on pig welfare in industrial production. The objective is to replicate more natural rooting and employment mechanisms, which is a fundamental part of pig wellbeing. A pig experiences the world through its snout, and it needs rooting and employment material in order to not get stressed, which also leads to many physical illnesses.

The EF® family makes it easier for producers to comply with welfare legislation and improve pig wellbeing without affecting the costs. Approximately 1/3 of all food produced in the Western world is being thrown out, so using this waste is economical.

The EF® family is part of a proposed first step in a broader welfare strategy. This strategy called ‘Charity pig’ ties main stakeholders in the meat supply chain together, allowing for a more effective evolution towards pig welfare from within the industry itself.

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MSc, Design and Communication, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, 2007


Project manager within service design and visual identity, 1508 A/S, Copenhagen, 2008-9