Stefan Schwabe

Design Interactions

The Kernels of Chimaera (detail)

Bacteria cellulose, syringe, mechanics and air column

170 x 30 x 30 cm

It is during these times that myth may become reality. The creation of composite beings no longer remains a chimerical matter of our ancient tales. Modern scientific advances mean the combining of different life forms has become routine.

Where might this lead us? Are we able to extend our minds, not only into material culture, but also into living artefacts

Using bacteria cellulose, 'The Kernels of Chimaera' maintains the growth of a living material and performs an automated production of hybrid living artefacts?

It harvests, applies human intention and reflects on a new way of manufacturing that encourages us to contemplate the notion of life and death of living entities.

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Diploma in Design, Multimedia/VR Design, University of Art and Design Halle, Germany, 2010


Internship, Adworks, Düsseldorf, Germany, 2003; Internship, Art+Com AG, Berlin, Germany, 2008; Freelancer, Art+Com AG, Berlin, Germany, 2010


Ars Electronica Festival, Holmes Place Health Club, Linz, Austria, 2008; Uncharted, Santralistanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 2009; Celeste Prize Finalists, The Invisible Dog, New York, USA, 2011; Inspiring Matter, Royal College of Art, 2012