Raphael Kim

Design Interactions

Rotifer Farm

Mixed media

If we look closely enough, we are part of an alternative landscape dominated by thriving microbial communities. With advances in synthetic biology, this has become something of a shared playground, where we dictate some of the play. Many of its residents are the current workhorses of the lucrative pharmaceutical industry, as well as becoming components to new forms of electronics, machines and sensors.

My interests lie in designing systems that provide tangible experiences outside of the confines of research labs, and bringing them closer to our lives.

Rotifer Farm is a home to tiny, multicellular animals, and is designed to explore a range of interactions between us and the microscopic world, as well as creating stories that may emerge as a result.





FDA, Foundation in Design, London College of Communication, 2010; BSc, Biotechnology, University College London, 2005


Design residency, Okinawa Institute, Okinawa, Japan, 2011; Pharmaceutical marketing, Eurocom Healthcare, London, 2006–9; Pre-clinical research, Roche Pharma, Basel, Switzerland, 2003–4


Paradise: Objects of Micromanipulation, Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan, Italy, 2012; Soap: Our Daily Bath, London College of Communication, 2010