Pei-Ying Lin

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Emotion Space

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How to bridge the gap between the individuals and the world they live in?

'Guiltless Excuses'
Guiltless Excuses is a mobile application that deals pragmatically with peoples inner guilt and helps them to maintain a balance between the personal and the public self. It is an experimental effort to create a social utopia as a way to re-examine human nature and as a social phenomenon.

The route between ones inner self and the outside world is a complicated labyrinth connected through a network of languages and expressions. The project aims to explore the secrets of verbal communication through the investigation of human languages.

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BSc, Life Science, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, 2009


Adviser, Imperial College London iGEM 2011 Team – AuxIn, London, 2011; Research fellow, British Telecommunications, Ipswich, 2011; Teacher assistant, DIWO Culture Workshop, Taipei, Taiwan, 2010; Programmer, StorySense Computing, Taipei, Taiwan, 2010


Work-in-progress Show, Royal College of Art, 2012; Work-in-progress Show, Royal College of Art, 2011; Hsinchu City International Glass Art Festival, Hsinchu City Glass Museum, Taiwan, 2010; Dialogue Between Heaven, Earth, and All Beings, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan, 2009


New Media Art, Scholarship of Government Sponsorship for Overseas Study (in New Media), Ministry of Education, Taiwan, 2009