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London Public Art App

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Major Project: London Public Art

London is home to an array of public art spanning history and art genres. Yet a lack of information at the site of most works distances them from their audiences. This fact inspired the concept for theLondon Public Art app.

Extending beyond the parameters of a guidebook or a survey text, the app will provide deep insight and a high level of engagement with Londons public art by providing different kinds of information. With the rise in digital-based media platforms, an app is the ideal format to collate information on artworks situated within Londons public sphere. Users will be able to locate and discover more about each work and its artist through short accessible descriptions and longer critical texts as well as visual documentation, archival material and moving-image footage. It engages with the prevalence of fast and slow reading in our society today from Twitter feeds and blogs to journal articles and academic texts.

Focusing on art produced for outside public spaces in the last hundred years, the app excludes memorials, monuments and civic statues. It will reveal the development of public art practice and the variety of media from sculpture to sound interventions and video projections. The app enables the user to cross-reference works by the same artist in various London locations. It also includes both permanent and temporary public art. With this app, the user will be able to experience ephemeral work in a specific location that no longer exists there.

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BA (Hons), Fine Art Painting, Wimbledon School of Art, 1999


Exhibition curator, Converse/Dazed Emerging Artists Award, London, 2010 to present; Arts editor, Bon International Magazine, London and Stockholm, Sweden, 2006 to present; Freelance arts writer, 2006 to present; Inside Art interviewer, Dazed Digital, 2007–9