Rie Tsuruta

Ceramics & Glass


Porcelain and glass

The tactile and functional everyday object that provokes peoples sense of intimacy and the awareness of touch; my work is held, felt and used in the centre of peoples lives. Forms derive naturally from the making process and impressions of landscape in my mind; my childhood fields in Japan and the South Downs in Sussex, looking across from high vantage points. Glaze colours are developed and derived from natures seasons, countryside and memory

My purpose is to create a group of tabletop objects like a still life or landscape in the domestic environment: in other words, landscape made tangible.

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BA (Hons), Wood, Metal, Ceramics & Plastics/3D Design (First class), University of Brighton, 2007


Teaching practice in BA Design Crafts, De Montfort University, Leicester, 2012; Pottery apprentice, The Leach Pottery, St Ives, 2011; Ceramic technician, Tokyo Junshin Women's University, Tokyo, Japan, 2010; Graphic designer and art director, Studio Uni Co Ltd/Tokyo Agency/Lagage & Co, Tokyo, Japan, 1987–2004


Home, Designers Guild, London, 2011; Elemental, RBSA Gallery, Birmingham, 2009; Ceramic Showcase, Craft Centre and Design Gallery, Leeds, 2009; Designer Crafts 2009 by Society of Designer Craftsmen, Mall Galleries, London, 2009