David Withers

Ceramics & Glass

Hare (from theLosing Instinct series)

Ceramics and glass

50 x 25 x 50 cm

My work deals with time, movement and space. I try to illustrate movement through time, not by recreating what was there but by having the past occupancy of the space made visible. My work shows an absence, while materialising a things ex-presence by using space as a tool for recording.

I try to achieve this because I feel there is a lingering time-diluted presence left behind in a used space. I want to capture that space to create something that has a permanency at present that is in partnership with the past.

Loss plays a large part as I find myself holding onto these potentially lost moments that maybe only I have witnessed. My work becomes the memory and tribute of that time and space.

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BA (Hons), Fine and Applied Art, University of Ulster, 2008; Foundation Art and Design, University of Ulster, 2005


Sales assistant, Goldsmiths, Belfast, 2009–10; Sales assistant, Aurom Group, Belfast, 2008–9


Irish Contempory Ceramics 2011, Mill Cove Gallery, Cork, Ireland, 2011; Static Movement, Whalley Gallery, Belfast, 2010


First prize, Ceramics, Irish Contemporary Ceramics Award, 2011; First prize, Ceramics, Merit Award Third Level Award Scheme, CCOI, 2008; First prize, Ceramics, Carson Macdowell Award, 2008