Camille Flammarion

Ceramics & Glass

Module from 2D to 3D, Small Scale

Glazed earthenware

Modules, in a mass-production context, set up a meeting point between industrial rationalisation, flexibility and diversity.

At the intersection of my architecture background and my ceramics practice, Modules defines a spatial structure by the juxtaposition of its units.

Modules create bigger ceramic objects than usual with alternate uses, transcending the limits of the material.

The Modules project progresses in two directions.

Module from 2D to 3Dexplores how 3D modular items can be the extension of 2D pattern on two different scales.

The Brick Project introduces the brick into a design context, developing it into a furniture modular system.

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DPLG, Architecture, École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris-Belleville, France, 2005


Freelance architect, Paris, France, 2006 to present; Project leader architect, Jacques Ferrier Architectures Agency, Paris, France, 2006–10; Architect, Antoine Stinco Agency, Paris, France, 2005; Architect, Patrick Bouchain Agency, Paris, France, 2005


Paradise, Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan, Italy, 2012; Territoires partagés, Arsenal Museum, Paris, France, 2003


Winner, NEWH Scholarship, 2012