Paul Reynolds

CCA - Work-based

Radio City Broadcasting Tower, Liverpool

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Driven by the interpretational strategy of research-led and pluralistic narrative, ‘...my excitement now, comes from the museum’s potential as a platform for engaging a broader public... an audience of people who don’t differentiate much between stimulating visual art and a new Quentin Tarantino film or a band like Animal collective...’ Jeffrey Deitch, Director, MOCA, LA (‘The Museum Revisited’, Art Forum, S.2010). ‘Young people in particular seek experience, not passive observation.’ Ann Philbin, Director, Hammer Museum, LA (Art Forum, S.2010).

Commercial radio broadcast is my chosen curatorial vehicle, offering, ‘...the most magnificent way of communicating a set of really quite complicated ideas but doing it in a way that is hugely accessible’. Mark Damazer, Controller of Radio 4 commenting on ‘A History of the World in 100 Objects’. ‘All intervening steps... are of interest... Those that show the thought process of the artist are sometimes more interesting than the final product’. Sol LeWitt (Paragraphs on Conceptual Art).

My final project, ‘Bacon & Egg’, is a culmination of the expansion of my critical theory over the course, combined with my exhibition-making and regional touring experience, with a dose of my healthy appetite for channelling popular culture for relevance that resonates with my target audiences. ‘...It’s amazing what’s happened with food over the past 10 years. You used to put the telly on Saturday morning and it was music programmes – now it is all food.’ Alex James, Blur bassist, (Evening Standard, 9 March 2012).

Host organisation: Crafts Council, London

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