Karen Roswell

CCA - Work-based

Archive 1, Social Fabric, 2012

I came to the ‘Inspire’ programme from a background in Fine Art Photography, where my work engaged with the perception and interpretation of meaning into the visual representations of women, and with what cultural critic Stuart Hall asserts as ‘the recognition that “Black” is essentially a politically and culturally constructed category’. It is from these theoretical underpinnings that I intend to continue within a curatorial framework.

My work placement was based at Rivington Place, where I was hosted by Iniva (Institute of International Visual Art) and also had an opportunity to contribute to a project with Autograph ABP. These experiences have allowed for direct engagement with and an acknowledgment of the complexities that surround debates of cultural diversity in contemporary art.

I am passionate and serious about the complex ideas that emanate from the interrogation of alternate and contested art histories, and aim to form a curatorial identity in which to deconstruct, interpret and critique these.

Host organisations: Iniva, London

+44 (0)7545 243 246



Thierry Bal



BA (Hons), Fine Art Photography (First class), University of Gloucestershire, 2010


Curatorial assistant, Iniva, London, 2010–12


Social Fabric, Rivington Place, London, 2012