Elizabeth Stanton

CCA - College-based

Ocaña, Untitled (La Primavera), from the Documentary ExpoOcaña82 by Jesús Garay, 1982

Betacam video (digital transfer), colour, on loop

While at RCA my research interests have focused on the role of collections of contemporary art, their formation and exhibition in public and private contexts, as well as the delicate relationship between public institutions and private collections. Beyond this, following my previous experience in Sydney working with early-career artists, as well as in communications and collections management, I am interested in creating opportunities for artists to develop their practice and engage audiences in ways that encourage critical thinking while also being accessible. I continue to develop my writing, contributing to the Australian publications Art Monthly Australia, runway and Das Superpaper and while in London have been fortunate to be involved in research for the organisation Culture+Conflict. I am interested in the networks and support structures for contemporary art practice – something I was able to explore during the development of our graduating exhibition, Ritual Without Myth.


Courtesy Jesús Garay



BA, Art History and Theory, University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts, Sydney, Australia, 2000


Collections and projects coordinator, Artcell, Sydney, Australia, 2007–10; Communications and marketing coordinator, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, Australia, 2006–7; Communications coordinator, Museums & Galleries NSW, Sydney, Australia, 2006; Gallery assistant, Australian Galleries, Sydney, Australia, 2003


Ritual Without Myth, Royal College of Art, 2012; Testing Ground | Time Scale, Zabludowicz Collection, London, 2011; Hossein Valamanesh: Time Travel, Manning Regional Gallery, Taree, Australia, 2010; IKEA Home Project, Carriageworks, Sydney, Australia, 2009


'Material Release: Session_13_Press Release' (review), Elizabeth Stanton, Runway Magazine, Issue 18, The Invisible Inc, 2011; 'Back to Reality', Elizabeth Stanton, Art Monthly Australia, Issue 228, Art Monthly Australia Ltd, 2010; 'That was the month that was... Art Month Sydney', Elizabeth Stanton, DAS Superpaper, Issue 14, Rococo Productions, 2010; 'Agatha Gothe-Snape, I Trusted You', Elizabeth Stanton, Runway Magazine, Issue 15, The Invisible Inc, 2009