Eun Hee Seo


Network Gallery

Mixed media

The aim of this project is to propose a new prototype for an art exhibition space, challenging two aspects of traditional art galleries: one is the mechanism of an art exhibition and the other is the space for artworks.

In order to achieve a new mechanism for an art exhibition, a series of architectonic programmable surfaces, which can engender artworks in a digital format, has been investigated.

In terms of the space for artworks, a methodology of translating traditional gallery spaces into an urban-scale version has been considered. A gallery of the urban-scaled version will perform a role of a networking platform between Hackney Wick and the Olympic Legacy.

This is an attempt to design a new spatial experience of networking between art galleries, cultural events and urban contexts.

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Specialism: ADS5



BArch, Architecture, Korea University, Seoul, 2009


Architectural assistant, GA Architects, Seoul, South Korea, 2009; Architectural assistant, ISON Architects, Seoul, South Korea, 2007