Alexander Kim



Mixed media

Dance Theatre: Geometry in Motion

‘Every geometry implies the narrative meaning of ideas and concepts.’

Taking the streets as natural event places where actions unfold, a visionary field of how we perceive images and project images, cause and effect, has formed the starting block of this project.

The proposal has been shaped by weaving the programme of a dance theatre with its site context and manipulated geometry based on the continuity of movement around the site. The building’s layers form thresholds, where the physical conditions encourage unfolding of different movements and interaction between performers and spectators. The balance between projecting images to others and perceiving is dependent on the visual depth of field that is filtered through the architectural interventions. Manipulations of the building’s membrane causes blurring of boundaries in visual depth, and in doing so, creates new configurations of audiences and performances. Sounds and visions reverberate around the building’s geometries, pulling in curious spectators and causing unexpected interactions. The building layers interweave the orchestrated events and natural performances of the public, creating energy around the site and to the wider context of Hackney Wick.

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